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History Test For SMART People ONLY!

This is not one of those simple history quizzes that everyone passes. This one is TOUGH and it was written for SMART people only. If you don’t think you are very smart, you should turn around and leave now. If you score 7 or better, you are smart! If you ACE it, you are brilliant!

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Test: How Easy Is It to Trick Your Eyes?

We’re so dependent on our eyes that we can’t even imagine the world without its visual part. Our sight is not impeccable though, and it’s prone to “tricking” our brain, making us believe the wrong size of an object or the wrong direction of a movement. has decided to check how much you can trust your eyes. Let’s go!

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I Scored A 7 Can You Beat Me?

This quiz will challenge the everyone and only the most knowledgeable people will be able to earn a perfect 10. If you can beat 7, you’ve done better than I! Share your score if you’re proud of it.

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Are You In The 135+ IQ Club?

This ten question history quiz was designed to test even the most knowledgeable history buff. Many find it IMPOSSIBLE to pass and if you are smart enough to answer at least eight questions correctly, you are amongst the SMARTEST of quiz takers.

If you score a 7 or higher, you are smarter than most people that take this quiz and you should share your accomplishment.

  • 10 correct = IQ around 135
  • 9 correct = IQ around 120
  • 8 correct = IQ around 110
  • 7 correct = IQ around 100
  • 6 correct = IQ below 100

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